Wanderlust (pt. 4)

So what is it that drives us to want and need to explore new places and things?  Is it just a need to escape from our boring normal every day routine?  Is it a lack of interest in our lives and jobs?  Whatever it is I think that it should always be explored.  Even if you can’t stand to wait for that trip you have been planning, find something else to explore in the meantime.  Take your day off and make the most of it by looking for or at something new.  Drive down a road you have never been down.  Look for parks in or out of your area that seem remote.  I have used Google Maps satellite view in the past to find parks in remote areas.  A few times they have led to more interesting places or neat hiking trails that I could spend hours on.  Urban explorers do this sort of thing all the time.  Granted this is not traveling to different countries experiencing different cultures but you definitely get to see new interesting things that others may never have the chance to see.  Exploring abandon buildings or factories can be very interesting when the questions start to spike in your mind of what the place used to look like and what used to go on inside the busted walls.  You can find groups all over that do this and I encourage you to give it a thought if not a try.  Don’t let that desire to explore just fade away.


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