Something a little more local (pt. 2)

Rideshare works best for the last minute occasions.  Especially when the cost of a last minute flight is just plain insane.  I have seen people offer a ride share on their private plane once in a while also.  The cost they offered was still cheaper than any plane ticket I compared it to at the time.  Especially when private planes can fit multiple people and the cost can be split among them all to decrease the cost per person even more.  Sometimes going to a place and not knowing where you will be headed next or how you will get there is a good way to utilize the rideshare process.  Obviously a planned out route would be a lot better but sometimes it is just not available.

So I think that will be a main focus on my local trip.  I am thinking of making a trip out to Minneapolis, MN from the Washington DC metro area.  I am going to do it in as few days as possible to avoid having to take a lot of time off work but too keep up with the whole object here I will be using as least amount of money as possible too.  I already found a decent hostel in a good location inside Minneapolis.  It is located right on some bus routes that will be perfect for getting me to the locations I plan to visit.  Now I just need to plan out how to get to the hostel and back.  Or maybe I’ll just bank on the last minute rideshare idea.


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