Something a little more local

My ultimate goal is to travel overseas but maybe in the mean time I can show my theory by starting a little more local.  After the holiday season I will take a short road trip with a limited amount of cash.  This may be limited to a weekend but also could be a little longer.  Obviously the longer one makes it easier to reach the destination and return.  However, not all of us can afford a lot of time off.

There are many things out there that will allow one to do something like this.  In fact, sometimes traveling more local is a lot easier, less time consuming, and cheaper than overseas while still having a good time.  For instance, I previously mentioned the bus as a good and cheap way to travel.  I can take a bus to New York City from the Maryland/DC Metro area (round trip) for about thirty dollars.  After doing a little looking around online I found a hostel inside New York City for around twenty five to forty dollars a night.  So for roughly one hundred dollars I can spend a weekend in one of the most popular and busiest cities in the country.  Even if you wanted to do something expensive while there like see a Broadway musical, doing this could save you a couple hundred you can now put towards the Broadway experience.  Take some food with you (dehydrated is the best) and you have yourself a nice fun and cheap weekend.  Granted I could just drive there myself but right now I share a car, the gas will be more than the cost of the bus, and there is no way in hell I am going to want to drive around in New York City!

There are a number of other ways to make this work for people without the bus access or even can be used for traveling further.  One of which is a rideshare program.  You can find them different places online such as  Just be careful when using places like these as there are a lot of scams and weirdoes out there.  However when timed right you could potentially jump from car to car traveling long distances simply sharing the cost of gas or even just driving time.


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