The Risk

The cheaper you travel the greater the risk.  It is just common sense really.  I can grab a jacket, backpack, and a jug of tea, head out the door and just start walking.  Where will I sleep?  What will my next meal be and where will it come from?  Or better yet when will I get to eat my next meal?  Granted, this is an extreme point of view but it also works on a milder situation.  Although there are always the stories of people hitch hiking across the country back when some parts of the world were a little calmer.  People are constantly looking for deals on airfare or hotels.  My idea is not to look there but instead find deals in even cheaper places.  Such as hostels, campgrounds, and even things like couch surfing (which I will go into later).  Now this is the cheap but not the free.  Yes there is free but as I said, the risk is even greater.  Hostels can be extremely cheap depending on the area, quality and company you may or may not be sharing.  You can have your own room, share with a couple others, or even bunk with 20+ people.  Can you guess which is the cheapest route to go?  As with many accommodations, the closer you get to the city the higher the cost.  However, location is a whole other topic.  Depending on the country a bed and breakfast could also be a cheap alternative.

So you decided not to go first class on your plane ride to save a couple hundred?  Why not take the bus or train?  In some places trains haven’t been the cheapest way to travel but in other places it will beat out a plane ticket tenfold.  The bus, however, seems to always be a better bet.  One major risk that you will always face in riding the train or especially the bus is being pushed out of your comfort zone.  Busses are often cramped, smell bad, uncomfortable seats, and only if you are lucky the person next to you will not try to fall asleep on your shoulder.  But it can be cheap and that’s the entire point.  However, this is not a good solution for long distances as they can become just as expensive and take a very long time.



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