Wanderlust (Part 3)

Currency is not the only cost to take on something as crazy as this.  There is the cost of what would give up and leave behind.  Not many jobs allow you to just walk away for months at a time.  Family depends on you for things.  Communication to family and loved ones will be lost for a large amount of time during the trip.  Can one walk away from all of this?  Mother, brother, father, sister, loved ones, and friends?  Will they just trust your judgment and stand behind you?  Or will they shun the idea and call you a fool?  Does it matter what they think or say?  Will you miss them enough while you are gone to give up and come back?  And maybe most important of all will they accept you back when you return?  Come to think of it, that is not the most important.  Do you really care?  Now that might be the most important of all.  Regardless of what you do, say, or think people do change.  Never the way you want them to change either.  They may support you now but by the time you come back, the envy, hate, complete disregard for your happiness may show.  Can you take that risk and endanger all that you have?

“It’s only after we lose everything that we are free to do anything” – Tyler Durton (Fight Club)


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