The Plan (Part Two)

I want to go somewhere out of the country and overseas.  When I tell people this they ask me “Why?  There is so much to see here in this country.  Why not just travel here?”  I understand that and don’t mind seeing new things in my home country.  In fact I rather enjoy it.  But in other countries there are so many differences.  Cultures are different.  Laws are different.  The customs and way of life are something you cannot experience anywhere else.  Now I am not talking about the normal tourist traps.  Not the show they put on for outsiders but the way they live.

So, to get back on topic, I don’t think I will set an exact date just yet.  This is only because of certain financial hurdles that can get worse if I just walk away and not make sure they are taken care of first.  I will say though that I plan to do this in about one year.  Not an exact date but it is certainly something to shoot for.  I am not setting the date so far away to give me time to save up.  That would go against the entire point of this project.  Next I will be setting a goal for funds.  However, this “goal” will be more like a limit.  This will be the challenge to do all of the travel on a cheap but reasonable allowance.  But wait I said cheap of “free” right?  That is because part of the travel can be free.  Unfortunately some things you just can’t avoid paying for.

“I met a lot of people that asked me what books to read or films to watch.  I think that’s a good way to start but there is no substitute for just going there.”  –  Yvon Chouinard (180° South)



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