The Plan (Part One)

So the idea is to start a plan and stick to it.  Set a date and place, then be dedicated to reach the goal.  So do you start with a budget or start with a place?  When picking a location, things like weather or seasons play a huge role in your stay and travel.  Camping can be cheap but camping in snow can be painful and dangerous to your health.  Now traveling cheap or free is possible, but you can’t forget about other obligations like current bills and need to be paid while you are gone.  Save enough so you can cover all of your bills during the period you will be gone or you can fall behind and cause your next trip to be delayed.  I wanted to just jump into this and set a date so I can have a goal to reach.  But I also want it to be well thought out.  Not to mention as much as I want to just pack up and leave tomorrow, it will only make my financial situation worse.  Setting a goal to set a goal may seem a little silly but it may also be viewed as setting the entire goal in a series of steps.

I don’t think starting with a budget is such a good idea.  It feels like too much of a limitation on where you can go and how much you can see.  You can’t really judge how much the trip will cost until you know where you are going.  How much money you can save depends on how long you have to save up before the trip and where you are going.  Maybe I am just talking in circles but it feels a lot more complicated than it sounds.  So start with this…  I hate the cold weather so traveling in the winter will only happen if I go somewhere warm.  Also I want to go as soon as possible and that is what is causeing me the most confusion when planning…



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