Wanderlust (Continued)

To give up on this would be giving up on my dreams.  I hate the term “dream” because I am not talking about those illusions your idle mind manifests while you are sleeping.  I am talking about the real dreams, the ones that truly matter.  The ones that inspire you, keep you going, and just run around in your mind all day long.  Those are the true dreams that one should never give up on.   Another reason I hate to use the term “dream” is, the dreams your sleeping mind creates are not real.  To accept that your dream is not real would be to give up on it.  My dream is real and I will not give up on it.

A weekend retreat or a week in Paris will satisfy most.  But what can you experience in a week much less a weekend?  Sure you can hit a few tourist traps or even take a walk around some hidden gems to get an idea of what the life and culture are like. But to live and experience it first hand, that would be a true vacation.  A weekend? No way! A week?  Try again! I say take a month or two.  See what things are really like.  Live the culture.  Now you want to talk about funds?  Just when you thought the week hotel and tour guide were digging into your savings, what would a couple months look like?  I refuse to believe that it is impossible or that you need to be rich to do it!


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