Some people have it, some don’t. To some it can be a desire or a want to do just once.  To others it can be taken as far as a way of life. To some it is just a dream to backpack across Europe or spend a year working in Germany. But some live that dream. They give up everything for a year, two, or even longer to explore a part of the world. These people amaze and inspire me. The others, with no need or want to travel, also amaze me. This world is far too big and filled with way too many wonders for me to grasp the concept that one would not be curious enough to want to see most of these wonders. Cave diving in New Mexico or exploring a Nation’s Capital, Dc (USA). Seeing the rice fields or standing in a Buddhist Monastery (Hong Kong). Exploring the busy streets of Shanghai (China). Explore the ruins of The Coliseum in Rome (Italy). See the Eiffel Tower in Paris (Finance). Go on a photo safari in Africa. My list could go on forever! Some ideas more popular or more dangerous than others. One could spend their life jumping from one place to another, seeing all that they can see in every waking hour and will not even scratch the surface of what this world has to offer.

Unfortunately for most, if they are even willing to give up everything and indulge in that need to explore, the funds are not and will not be there. Yes, this world still runs on the all mighty currency and travel is not cheap at all. Most will only get as close as the documentary will take them on television. Photos on post cards, videos and photos online will be their experience. A photo or video can try to capture what the eyes can see. But without the other senses, the experience is lost. I pity these people for I am one and feel their pain first hand. Every day I strive to find a way around this major hurdle. To find the funds or a way around them. Free travel. What an amazing idea. ”It’s just a child’s dream” some say. To them I say, “If you think the glass is half empty now, then just wait until you get thirsty”



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