Time To Start And Get Organized!

So I have yet to set a date because I need to get organized a little more.  I seem to have a lot on my plate and I also need to start going to the gym.  If I plan to walk around taking photos of some awesome sites I need to be in shape.  Maybe even learn to do some rappelling or rock climbing.  Either way I have to schedule it all out and get organized.  I will work on that tonight.

I watched a biography the other day that was crazy inspirational for what I want to do.  It’s called “180° South”.  Basically this guy finds footage of a trip these other guys took back in the 60’s.  They traveled so many thousand miles to climb this mountain that no one has ever accomplished.  He then does the same thing.  He started by working on a boat for a couple months and even getting stranded on Easter Island.  I think the overall trip was 160+ days.  I don’t really have much of an interest in rock climbing but that was just an awesome biography.  It is available to stream on Netflix so if you have an account go watch it right now!

Alright so there is a contest going on at work within my team.  The top agent in certain categories each week wins points.  By 1/15 the Agent with the most points will get to go to Achievers with the boss.  This year Achievers is being held in Puerto Rico.  While I don’t feel I have much of a chance due to my previous productivity and lack of multitasking skills, I cannot pass up an opportunity to travel for free!  So I am going to dedicate the next few weeks to my job and only my job and see how well I can actually do.  This shouldn’t be hard seeing as I don’t have much of a life lol.  Don’t worry, I will still be writing every day.


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