Starting Fresh…

In the past 5 or so years now I have had this growing urge to travel.  It started as a simple want to see new things and has grown into a need for adventure and to experience culture.  In that time I have gotten nowhere with my goals to see the world.  Lack of dedication? Drive? Or do I just plain don’t make the cut an somewhere inside know that?  Have I let my debit consume me and destroy my ability to believe that I can do this?  This is where all of that ends.  This is my final chance to prove to myself that I am able to do this.  I am going to set a goal.  A date and an expectation.  I believe that I can travel for cheap or free and I intend to prove that.  With or without a camera crew I intend to bring this realization to you all and prove that even in hard times one can set out to see at least a few of the millions of wonders in this world.

As part of my dedication and a way to get myself into a sense of organization and strict habit, I intend to write something in this blog every day.  And in each blog post will be either an update on my status towards my goal or it will be about a new place that I want to see or have seen in the past.  This will not only force me into routines but also force me to find new things relating to travel so that I have something to blog about.  This blog will never be about anything other than travel and how I intend to reach my goal.  In fact this is the reason I hate blogs so much.  People use them as on online diary to create drama.  I’d rather not go that route and instead help to educate and motivate others to get out and see what this world has to offer.



3 thoughts on “Starting Fresh…

  1. I will be following and cheering you on. I can’t wait to watch you reach your goals. Take pictures and record your travels for me. If you want to borrow my camcorder, let me know.

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